Sunday, May 31, 2015

The New Del-Ton Echo 316M Rifle

In our last blog post, we highlighted some new models offered in our DT Sport Line of entry level AR-15 rifles; in this post we announce another entry level rifle choice that has also been recently released through distributors, available to customers through their local gun stores: The Del-Ton Echo 316M. 

At a glance, the Echo 316M looks very similar to our standard Echo 316.  Both rifles are basic, carbine AR-15 rifles, but the Echo 316M differs in barrel twist rate and accessories. 

The Echo 316M has a CMV (chrome moly vanadium) 1X8 twist barrel; this twist rate is favored by many AR-15 enthusiasts as it provides accuracy with the greatest variety of 5.56X45 NATO and .223 Remington bullet weights.  Typically, barrels with a faster twist rate (1X7) offer better accuracy with heavier grain weight bullets, while lower grain weight bullets (those in the 35-55 grain category) perform better with a slower (1X9) twist rate.  The 1X8 twist in the Echo 316M rifle is a great option for providing accuracy with the most wide range of bullet weights in this caliber.  Unlike the standard Echo 316, this model has a mid-weight profile under the handguards to keep the rifle light and well balanced.

The Echo 316M also comes with a Samson flip up rear sight, a 30 round Magpul PMAG, chamber flag, and gun lock...everything you need to immediately begin enjoying this new AR-15 rifle.  Technical specs are listed below:

Chrome Moly Vanadium, mid-weight, 1X8 Twist with M4 feed ramps
Carbine length gas system
Threaded muzzle with A2 flash hider
F-Marked front sight base with taper pins

Upper and Lower Receivers:
Forged 7075 T6 aluminum
M4 feed ramps, T-marks, and dry film lube on upper receiver
Ejection port cover and forward assist assemblies on upper

Bolt & Carrier Assembly:
HPT/MPI tested Capenter 158 bolt
Phosphated 8620 Steel AR-15 Carrier
Chrome lined interior in carrier and carrier key
Properly staked and sealed carrier key

Carbine, single heat shields, with aluminum delta ring assembly

M4 6 position, with a mil-spec buffer tube

Samson flip up rear sight, chamber flag, 30 round Magpul Pmag, gun lock

Weight: 6.4lbs. (without magazine)
Length: 36.563" with buttstock extended
              32.313" with buttstock collapsed

This rifle is a great choice for individuals looking for a "ready to go" AR-15 that will provide the greatest level of accuracy with the widest range of ammunition choices.  Thanks for reading our blog.  If you have any questions about the rifles we manufacture or the AR-15 parts and accessories we offer at, please feel free to contact us.

In the next few blog posts, we will feature a quality/torture test/review currently being performed on one of our best selling and most popular rifles:  The Del-Ton DT Sport, so stay tuned!


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