Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Concealed Carry" AR-15 Cases

In the past year or so, there have been a few references in our blog posts to the potential benefits of being "grey"-meaning that in appearance and conduct, it can be a good idea not to call attention to oneself, especially in regard to the possession of firearms (whether on your person or on your property).  A couple of companies that produce high quality products have introduced weapons carrying cases that can allow you to transport weapons safely and properly without drawing unnecessary or unwanted attention.  In this post, we will highlight three quality gun cases that can provide you this capability.
Blackhawk Diversion Racquet Case

In terms of being "grey", the Blackhawk Diversion Racquet Bag is hard to beat.  There is nothing in its appearance that reveals what may be on the inside, and at a M.S.R.P of around 70 bucks, the price is great.  The main drawback is the size.  Unless you have an SBR (short barreled AR-15), you will have to carry your complete upper and lower receivers separated.  If being discreet is of ultimate importance, this feature may be a positive rather than a negative.  Like just about anything having to do with the AR-15, your decision has to be based on your primary application.  It is available in 3 different "non-tactical" color patterns.

Hazard 4 Battle Axe Case

Hazard 4 makes high end, outstanding quality tactical gear, but their Battle Axe rifle case doesn't "scream" tactical...instead it may make most people think you are headed to a gig or practice session.  You should be able to purchase one online for less than $200.00; while it may cost considerably more than the other cases highlighted in this post, it also provides considerably more storage capacity for other essentials.  Also, if you need to be able to access and employ your complete weapon quickly, it affords you the ability to do so.  It is available in black and a coyote color.  If being discreet is your primary concern, I would opt for the black, since there are few musicians pursuing their dream with an instrument enclosed in a modern-day, tactical, global war on terror gig bag.

5.11 Covert M4 Case
Finally, the 5.11 Tactical Covert M4 bag is also worthy of consideration.  Unless your AR-15 has a long fixed stock and a barrel longer than 16 inches, this case allows you to carry it with the upper and lower assembled and ready to go.  Due to its intended compact size, it doesn't have a lot of accessory storage capacity, but nothing about it says, "Hey, there's an evil gun in here."  While the Covert M4 doesn't have the storage capacity of the Hazard 4 Battle Axe, and in my opinion is not as covert as the Blackhawk Diversion Racquet Bag, its non-tactical appearance and ability to house a complete, standard M4 allows it to accomplish a lot, and do so discreetly. Its pricepoint is in between the other two models mentioned, at around $140.00.

If you prefer not to draw unwanted attention to yourself and your weapon when you have to transport it, or are concerned about it being recognized should you be required to leave it in a viewable area of your vehicle, office, etc...these three cases may be right for you.  More detailed information about their features can be found on their respective websites (see links below).™/Diversion®-Racquet-Bag.aspx

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