Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Elite Military Units and the AR Weapon Platform: G.R.O.M., Poland

In our previous blog post, we briefly highlighted the British S.A.S. and their use of the AR weapon platform.  In this post, we will continue to identify foreign, special operations military units that have selected the "AR" as one of the tools they use "to get the job done."

G.R.O.M. is an acronym for "Grupa Reagowania Operacyjno-Manewrowego, or Operational Maneuver Reconnaissance Group (in English). The Polish military has provided a great deal of assistance to U.S. forces in the Global War on Terror in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and their elite forces (including G.R.O.M.) are working under the same I.S.A.F. leadership as American special operations units even now. The unit was formed in the 1990's due to domestic threats from various Islamic terrorist groups.  These threats were made in response to the Polish government's involvement in helping Jews from the Soviet Union who desired to relocate to Israel.  Individuals from the British Ministry of Defense and U.S. Department of Defense provided assistance and direction to the Polish government for the unit's establishment.  G.R.O.M. has seen action in theaters like Haiti, the Balkans, and as mentioned earlier, the Middle East.

G.R.O.M. takes part in a variety of operations including personal security details as well as hostage rescue and other forms of "direct action."  It includes both male and female personnel.  Members are proficient in at least two foreign languages and the majority have extensive "tactical/emergency" medical training.  Like many elite/special operations units, members have some freedom in which weapon systems they prefer to employ in a mission.  Sub-machine guns such as the 9mm H&K MP5 and handguns like the Glock 19 and SIG P228 are typical weapons seen and known to be in use by the G.R.O.M.  In regard to assault/battle rifles, AK variants are used, but as displayed by the various images in this post, the members of this unit seem to be fond of the AR platform as well.

The unit's choice and use of the AR weapon platform for various applications is a definite credit to the design and dependability of the "American Black Rifle."

Thanks for reading our blog.  In upcoming posts, we will continue to highlight more elite military units that have selected to use the AR weapon platform in their operations.  If you have any questions about Del-Ton AR-15 rifles, or the AR-15 parts and accessories we offer at www.del-ton.com, please feel free to contact us.

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