Monday, December 31, 2012

Second Amendment, Part Two

In our last post, we discussed the importance of the Second Amendment as well as its purpose and intent.  It is imperative to understand why our "Founding Fathers" included this right.  Because it is so difficult to remove or even alter Constitutional Amendments, those who are against this right desire to weaken it by changing its purpose and intent.  Patriotic Americans must defend this right because it provides a defense for every other freedom that we enjoy afforded by this document.  If we allow the purpose and intent to be questioned and altered, there is really no limit to what can be done to any other part of our Constitution.  Brave, courageous citizens gave much (some gave all) to provide these freedoms for their posterity.  It is our responsibility to ensure their sacrifice  is valued in our generation.  To be concise, we'd like to offer a couple of ways in which the average person can help defend this valuable right.

First, there is strength in numbers.  Even simply signing up for an annual membership in the National Rifle Association is beneficial to making our political representatives aware that gun owners are a strong and "voting" segment of their constituency.  If you have the ability, become more involved by contributing time or financial resources to organizations like this that work hard to defend not only this right, but our Constitution as a whole.  Being informed of the possible threats to this right is something anyone can do... we have listed some links here that will take you to websites where you can get more information on how you can help defend and strengthen the Second Amendment.

National Rifle Association:
Cato Institute:
Second Amendment Foundation:
National Association For Gun Rights:

I don't know of a better or easier way to defend this right than to simply be a responsible gun owner.  Those who wish to assault this right love to portray firearms owners as illiterate idiots who are a threat to the safety of the general public.  Of course this is false, and we must make this caricature impotent.  This can include making sure the things we say and how we act cannot be used to strengthen or give the slightest legitimacy to their argument.  It also requires that we pass on a love for this right and how we "enjoy" it to our children and future generations.

Make a resolution this year to become more active in supporting and defending the Second Amendment by being informed, joining with other firearms owners, and teaching someone about the importance of this right and how to enjoy it.  Pass on your love for firearms and the shooting sports to the next generation.  Teach them about the purpose of the Second Amendment.  It is likely their generation will have to support and defend it too. Thanks for reading our blog.  If you have any questions about Del-Ton AR-15 rifles or the products we sell at, please feel free to contact us.

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