Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Simple Barrel Break-In Procedure

Our customers have requested a suggested procedure for the 'break in" of the barrel on a new DTI rifle.  While opinions on the necessity of this and the steps involved vary, performing the following tasks on a new weapon will not cause any harm and may increase initial and long term accuracy. 

DTI rifles, rifle kits, and complete upper assemblies are all test fired at the factory.  Like any new weapon, it is always a very good idea to perform a general cleaning of the upper, bolt assembly, and barrel before using it the first time. Before starting break in, 20-40 rounds of jacketed ammunition and a cleaning kit (including solvent and lubricant) should be obtained. Using a solvent containing ammonia that does not have any oil in it will aid in removing any oil from the barrel and properly prepare the steel for the "break in conditioning".  These cleaning products may have a strong odor, but break in cleaning should be done while at an outdoor range so this will aid the dissipation of the scent.  Popular solvents from manufacturers like Montana Xtreme, Butch's Bore Shine, or Sweet's 7.62 Solvent will prepare the barrel and remove carbon and copper from the barrel left by the fired rounds.

Step One: Cleaning the barrel with this same type of solvent should also be done after each shot for the first ten shots. Whether you use only a solvent soaked patch or a patch and a brush, a dry patch should be passed through before firing the next shot. In the interest of safety, always make sure there is no foreign material in the bore before firing the weapon.

It is suggested to allow the barrel to cool in between shots so that, in the future, it will be less likely for shots fired in succession to "move" dramatically as the barrel warms.

Step Two: Once the initial 10 shots have been fired and a cooling period/cleaning with solvent has been performed in between each shot, two shots may be taken with the same type of cleaning done previously for another 10 rounds.  Once this series is finished, a thorough cleaning (including a light lubrication of the inside of the barrel, if it will not be used for a period of time) should be completed.

Various or more extensive break in procedures similar to the one described in this post may be beneficial, but following these two steps will ensure that the "burnishing" process is complete.  Proper maintenance of your DTI AR-15 (cleaning after each shooting session, and intermittently when stored for long periods of time) will provide longevity of service and enjoyment of your weapon.  Always make gun safety a priority when shooting or even handling firearms. Thanks for reading our blog. If you have any questions about DTI rifles, the products we offer, or anything related to the AR-15 rifle, please contact us.


  1. very informative. I plan on buying from y'all very soon and can't wait to break in my barrel. I guess I won't be looking forward to using 15 patches, but I think I will get over it.

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  3. GOT a brand new Deleon sport bolt does not go into battery all the way any suggestions

  4. I have never heard of a complete waste of time to break any barrel in. Seems more like something from the solvent company to sale more products. I could be wrong but I really do t see or understand the purpose of all the cleaning and shooting and cleaning.sorry that’s just my thoughts