Wednesday, May 30, 2012

AR-15 Grips: An Easy Upgrade That Can Make A Difference.

Whether you call it an AR-15, black rifle, or modern sporting rifle, the AR-15 is one of the most popular firearms.  A major reason for this is the adaptability it has for any application in which you desire to use it.  This weapon can be used for anything from hunting to shooting sports to home defense. It performs well in all of these categories because there are so many ways you can specifically modify it to excel in one or more of these applications.  While some modifications can require special tools or an in-depth knowledge of the operation and design of the weapon, replacing a handguard, stock, or grip is something just about any AR-15 owner can do with a little research and understanding.  In this blog post, we will discuss various "after market" pistol grip upgrades that are offered at and how they can help you enjoy shooting your weapon even more.
Magpul MOE Grip
Most AR-15 rifles will come with a standard "A2" pistol grip.  The grip is well designed to make the weapon "shootable" for a very broad range of hand sizes and shooting styles.  Many companies have designed grips for specific applications like hunting, combat, or accuracy-focused precision shooting that may be more beneficial for these particular applications than the basic A2 grip.

Magpul MIAD Grip
Magpul has an extensive line of AR-15 accessories, and the DTI product line offers their MIAD (Mission Adaptable) and MOE (Magpul Original Equipment) grips in three popular colors: black, flat dark earth, and olive drab green. The MIAD grip has replaceable frontstraps & backstraps to accommodate different hand sizes and includes a core insert that will hold three 5.56 rounds. Other core inserts that hold a spare bolt, batteries, etc... are also available as separate parts.  The MOE grip also has internal storage, but does not come with any of the core inserts.  The MOE grip does not have the interchangeable front and backstrap pieces of the MIAD grip.  Both grips have a textured yet comfortable surface to help you maintain a good grip. The MOE+ grip is the same as the standard MOE grip, but with a rubber-like exterior for those who prefer the feel of a softer pistol grip.  The Magpul grips also extend in the rear where the "web" of your hand is, for additional comfort.

TangoDown Battle Grip
The TangoDown Battle Grip has an exterior much like the Magpul grips, but is slightly more thin and has a more "aggressive" angle.  This can be beneficial for applications requiring quick, moving target acquisition.  While the rear of this grip does not extend past the web of the hand, there is an extension in the front of the grip to cover the gap between a standard grip and the triggerguard.  This is a nice feature as the gap can be abrasive on your fingers after a long day of shooting.  The TangoDown grip also has internal storage capability, and is available in black and olive drab green colors at DTI.

Ergo Sure Grip
Ergo brand grips are appropriately named...they are VERY ergonomic and comfortable.  They come in  "rigid" (a harder plastic-but softer than the Magpul and TangoDown grips) and "sure" (softer-like the MOE+ grip) styles.  They are also available in right hand and ambi models.  The back of most Ergo grips, like the Magpul grips, extend past the web of the hand and include a "gapper" for the space between the front of the grip and triggerguard.  The Ergo grip also has an internal storage capability, but the plug for the cavity may have to be purchased separately depending on the model.  The Ergo Tactical Deluxe Grip is slightly shorter in length, but with a fairly large "palm swell" that some users prefer for more slow, precision shooting applications.

The most difficult part of upgrading your grip can be deciding which model to choose.  Removal of the old grip & installation of the new one can usually be done with a screwdriver or socket (depending on the fastener used).  Just be sure to secure the selector detent and spring (these parts are held in place by a hole in the top of the pistol grip) when removing the old grip and replace it accurately when installing the new one.  It is best to perform this task with the weapon upside down (grip facing up).

While upgrading a grip is not a major change, it is amazing how much difference the grips mentioned in this post can make in the comfort, performance, and even appearance of your valued weapon.  Thanks for reading our blog; if you have any questions about the parts mentioned, DTI rifles, or anything about the AR-15 rifle, please feel free to contact us!

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