Sunday, December 11, 2011


Well, there is only a couple of weeks left before Christmas and Chanukah and hopefully most of your gift shopping is done.  But just in case, we thought we would offer some helpful gift ideas (all should cost less than $100--most a fraction of that) for the AR-15 owner in your life. 

Can someone ever have too many magazines?  These are a great stocking stuffer and while many people have plenty of 30 round mags, 10 and 20 round magazines can offer benefits when hunting, shooting off a bench rest, or if you shoot in the prone position and dislike the possibility of the mag coming in contact with the ground.  Magpul's Pmags are probably the most popular magazines we sell, and DTI offers them in dark earth, olive drab green, and the standard black. 

What about giving the gift of a new color of "furniture" for someone's rifle?  An entire set of basic, mil-spec furniture (handguards, grip, and stock) can be purchased for well under a hundred bucks, and Magpul's MOE line wouldn't cost much more.  One of the newest Magpul products that DTI offers is the MOE + grip.  It has all the benefits of the standard MOE grip, with the advantage of a rubber-like, tactile, exterior in the palm area.  The rubber does not extend to the bottom of the grip, which prevents this grip from getting "hung up" on clothing and equipment like some other grips with an entirely covered, rubber exterior.  Installing a pistol grip, two piece handguards, and a stock is fairly simple and having an alternate color can be a great way to modify your AR-15 for various applications or just for a new look on a favorite old weapon.

Ladder panels or other rail covers are a nice, inexpensive gift for the AR owner with a railed handguard, and if you would like to show a bit of humor during the holidays, Del-Ton also offers a rail-mounted, tactical bottle opener that is a "must have" for any AR with a railed handguard (insert legal caveat here: consuming alcohol and handling firearms is NEVER a good idea).  You will notice there is also a handy sling attachment point for a more "authorized/on-duty" application.  We hope you have a great  and safe holiday season. Thanks for considering DTI for your AR-15 needs and for reading our blog.  Feel free to contact us with any questions about the AR-15 platform or our products.


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