Thursday, December 16, 2010

Del-Ton, Inc. Rifle Kits: AR-15

Gun enthusiasts have long been a resourceful group – we enjoy working with our hands and we take pride in the work we accomplish. To that end, nothing speaks more highly of one’s dedication than assembling your own rifle.  The modularity of the AR-15 platform allows you to not only build your own weapon, but to build one that is custom tailored to your preferences (what you like) and application (how you will use it).  Del-Ton’s rifle kits are the perfect place to start. These kits include every part you need to complete your own AR-15 (except the lower receiver and a magazine).

About the AR-15

One of the best features of the AR-15 is the modular design which allows you to buy each piece at a time if you cannot afford to do it all at once, or to choose and select from different sizes or features to custom build your ideal rifle. The basic design lends itself to modifications that can be easily done and allows for pieces from different manufacturers to be incorporated into the overall structure.

The AR-15 is a hugely popular platform for both novice rifle users and experienced firearm owners who are in the market for a close to medium range tactical rifle and want a dependable semi-automatic weapon.  It can be used for anything from plinking and target shooting to hunting and it excels as a defense oriented/tactical long-gun. The original and most popular caliber in which the gun is chambered is 5.56 X 45 NATO (.223 Remington).  All Del-Ton weapons are chambered in 5.56 X 45.

Del-Ton AR-15 Kits

The AR-15 rifle kits available at Del-Ton are available in both 16” and 20” barrel lengths and include everything you need to complete a fully functional AR-15 except for the stripped lower receiver and a magazine.  Many parts in the kits, such as the bolt and carrier and lower parts kit, are customizable--allowing our customers to choose various "upgrade" parts from some of the most in demand manufacturers of AR-15 products.  These selections are available in the drop down menus on the product page of a particular rifle kit.  This provides the opportunity to build a rifle that will perfectly meet your preferences in form and function.  These items are also offered at a discount from their typical retail price, when purchased as an upgrade to the rifle kit, saving you money.  If your mind isn't made up just yet, a basic model will do just fine; that is the beauty of this weapon--you can modify it as your needs or mission change.

Features of the AR-15

While we already mentioned the weapon's modularity, there are many other unique and beneficial features to the AR-15.

Recoil: Light
Easy to control during rapid fire, the AR-15 is comparatively light in regard to recoil.  Smaller framed users will not find the weapon intimidating to fire.

Durability: High
The AR-15 seems almost impervious to the elements – it can withstand rain and humidity and fare better than most other rifles on the market.  It is also easier to clean than many other semi automatic rifles, in that the upper half can simply be disconnected via two pins.  This allows a thorough breech to muzzle cleaning without concern for solvents and oils entering the action of the weapon.

Replacements and Upgrades: Easy
Parts and replacements for the AR-15 are easy to find and no other weapon platform has such a variety of aftermarket parts available.  The AR-15 is almost infinitely adaptable, allowing you to exchange pieces and upgrade parts over time to create ever new versions of the rifle that meet your changing needs and application.

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